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Contactless Solutions

Client: Mettler Toledo

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing, Mettler Toledo wanted a way to show their customers how their systems could be used to keep everyone safe. Utilizing motion graphics we crated a video to highlight all of those systems, and we did it while still maintaining our social distance.

Video screenshot of Mettler Toledo Contactless Solutions
Mettler Toledo

Contactless Solutions


Drone Demo

Sci-Dome Screeshot
The Works


Corporate Video Screen Grab
Spartan Logistics

Corporate Video

Revision Branding Video

Revision Social Spot

AttiCat Video Screenshot
Owens Corning

AttiCat Promo

Owens Corning Walls Video
Owens Corning

Insulation 101 – Walls

Logan County Courthouse Renovation
Logan County

Logan County Courthouse

MT Demo Video Screen
Mettler Toledo

On the Weigh

Stop to Live Video Still

Stop to Live

Century National Bank

Many Reasons Commercial

Pure Safety Insulation Video Screenshot
Owens Corning

Pure Safety Insulation

Mid-State Contractors Marketing Video
Mid-State Contractors

Mid-State Contractors Marketing

Motorists Scholar Athlete Video Screen
Motorists Mutual Insurance

Scholar Athlete Promo

Madison Health Video Screen
Madison Health

Madison Health Campaign

Owens Corning Comfort Tracker
Owens Corning

Owens Corning Comfort Tracker

Witham Health Services

Witham @ 100

Park National Bank


Roscoe Village Video
Roscoe Village

Visitor Orientation

Owens Corning Atticat DIY Frame
Owens Corning

Atticat DIY Installation

General Electric

Circleville Lamp Plant Safety

Elettric 80 Video
Elettric 80

Niagra Water Plant

Genesis HealthCare System

Your Hospital. Your Health.

Park National Bank

The Piggy Bank

The Koontz Team

The Koontz Team

LifeTown Video

$12 Can Help Buy A Future

The Works Video
The Works

The Works Campaign

Germain of Columbus Video
Germain of Columbus


Rolls-Royce(RB-211) screenshot
Rolls-Royce Energy

RB-211 Build

Berger Video Screen
Berger Health System

Building on Tradition

Motorists Video Screen
Motorists Mutual Insurance

Agent Event Opening

The Kenwood Video
Senior Star

The Kenwood